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Puncture Lock

Puncture lock is an anti puncture liquid/gel which is when injected into tubeless/tube type tyres, offers permanent and instant puncture protection for the life of the tyre.

How To Install Puncture Lock in Tyres

Step 1
Deflate the Air inside Tyre to Install Puncture Lock by opening Valve Pin using Valve opener from Air Nozzle.

Step 2
Put the Air Nozzle in 4’o clock or 8’o clock position clockwise, Now Install Puncture Lock inside the Tyre using Pump/Bottle till the desired dosage.

Step 3
Fill Some Air before Tighten the Valve to clean the Air Nozzle filled with Puncture Lock.

Step 4
Now Tighten the Valve and Fill the Air and Drive the Vehicle for 5 kms to see Puncture Lock working Perfectly.

How it works

After installation, when the tyre rotates puncture lock forms a layer inside the tyre and when the tyre encounters a puncture, the air pressure in the tyre forces puncture lock to seal the wound permanently. In this process, a small quantity of puncture lock is consumed and the rest is left to seal many more punctures



Seals punctures permanently.

Expands tyre’s life upto 10%.

Multiple puncture resistance.

Lowers tyre’s temperature.

Reduces accidents caused by inflation.

Increases re-treadability and helps eliminate tread separation.

Seals punctures up to 4-6 mm.

Improves fuel efficiency.

Improves safety,economy and drive-ability.

Useful for both tubeless and tube type tyres.

Environment friendly and doesn’t harm your tyres.

Provides you and your family a risk free journey.

Quick and easy to install.

Target Audience







Lorry etc

Packaging Available

400 ml

8 ltr

18 ltr

Note: We also provide manual installation pump for tubeless and pneumatic installation pump for tube type material.