Puncture lock is a revolutionary technology made by unique blend of natural and man made chemicals and fiber particles which once filled inside the tyre through the valve, changes any ordinary tyre to a puncture proof pneumatic tyre.

a. Innovative & unique results.
b. Best quality & after sales services.
c. Value for money.
d. Specialized approach towards changing technology.

It’s a huge audience including all the zones of automobile sector like 2 wheeler, 3 wheeler, 4 wheeler & heavy vehicles etc.

For distributorship you have to directly contact on +91-9990733300. later, you will receive the whole information via mail.

a. Seals punctures instantly & permanently.
b. Reduces accidents caused by blow outs.
c. Improves safety, economy & drivability.
d. Provides you & your familiy a puncture proof journey.

It is completely eco friendly & bio-degradable and doesn’t harms tyre in any manner. you can touch it with your bare hands also.

Once installed product will work till tyre’s life.