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1. Does Puncture Lock stay liquid inside the tire ?
Yes,it will always stay as liquid inside the tyre or tube for a long time.
2. Does Puncture Lock seal sidewall punctures or bead leaks?
Puncture Lock Tubeless Sealant in not guaranteed to seal punctures outside of the tread area.
3. What is the shelf life?
Once installed Puncture Lock Sealant will remain active for 1.5 years.
4. Usage Instructions -
On new tyre/tube valve remove pin/core to release air. Use Puncture Lock Pump(with container) or Bottles to install . Fill with proper dosage of Puncture Lock. Replace core/pin and FILL PROPER AIR PRESSURE & MAINTAIN AIR PRESSURE AT MAXIMUM LEVEL APPROVED FOR THE TYRE. The Vehicle should move atleast 1 K.M distance to spread the Sealant inside the Tube / Tyre to start effectively sealing the punctures"
5. How Puncture Lock works to seal punctures?
On road, when the tyre rotates the air pressure and centrifugal force pushes close to the puncture area as tire / tube flexes and the hole expanded, the proprietary formulation containing different lengths of long lasting fibers enter the puncture cavity to seal the punctures.
6. What are the different quality of Puncture Lock?
There two types of Model we have-
1. Puncture Lock Tubeless tyre sealant - Useful in all Tubeless tyre only such as bikes, car, trucks,buses etc.
2. Puncture Lock Tubetype tyre sealant - Useful in all Tubetype tyres only such as bikes,car,trucks,buses etc.
7. Why should Puncture Lock needs to be use in Tube or Tubeless Tyres?
To avoid getting tyre flat due to punctures or leaks on road.
8. Is there any side effects or causes ?
There are no side effects. Puncture Lock is made by chemicals which do not Harm the tyre and will not affect the life of the or wheel and is easily washable with water. It will not affect future repairs/retreads for more effective running.
9. Whether any specific quantity of Puncture Lock is to be installed in to the tubeless / tube tyres for different sizes?
Yes. Puncture Lock application chart for all size with quantity to be inserted is separately available with authorized dealers
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